Evia: The tragic story of the old man who burst into tears in the arms of a journalist on Live TV


The video with OPEN TV journalist Eulambia Revi, who failed to hold back her tears after a dialogue she had with an elderly resident of Galatsona, has been circulating on the internet since yesterday.

The reporter, who is originally from Corfu, spoke about the interview through her personal Facebook account after receiving hundreds of comments on Twitter for her emotions.

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"The truth is that I have completed this huge wave of love that I receive from all of you," she wrote on Facebook.

"May this love lead to the grandfather having the care he needs from the State and his family, who, as I later learned, have abandoned him.

"As for me, I just did my job, like so many remarkable colleagues.

"It's just that sometimes we break too, because journalists are human too. Thank you."

Η αλήθεια είναι ότι έχω κομπλάρει από αυτό το τεράστιο κύμα αγάπης που δέχομαι απ’ όλους σας. Μακάρι αυτή η αγάπη να...

Posted by Ευλαμπία Ρέβη on Monday, August 9, 2021

The elderly man, who has respiratory problems and speech difficulties, approaches the journalist alone.

She offers him a mask when he is out of breath.

In the end, the old man thanks her, while she cries out of emotion.

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