GREECE IN PICTURES: Paradise burns like Hell

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With the world's attention on the tragedy unfolding in Greece, as its people  battle multiple fire fronts  in what has been an unprecedented heatwave, we thought it necessary  to collate the images of this inferno to remind and call political and civil leaders to finally address the factors that contribute to the fire disasters, every summer without fail:

Deliberate arson, Poor town planning, Red tape/incompetent bureaucracy, insufficient resources, climate challenges to name a few.

These images will be repeated in 2022, unless the country's political leadership deals with the challenges once and for all.

Giannis Kolesidis
Image credit: Giannis Kolesidis/ANA


Giannis Kolesidis2
Image Credit: Giannis Kolesidis/ANA


Orestis Panayiotou 5 ANA
Image Credit: Orestis Panayiotou/ANA


Orestis Panayiotou2 ANA
Image Credit: Orestis Panayiotou/ANA


Orestis Panayiotou3 ANA
Image Credit: Orestis Panayiotou/ANA


Giannis Kolesidis4
Image Credit: Giannis Kolesidis / ANA


Giannis Kolesidis3
image Credit: Giannis Kolesidis /ANA


Orestis Panayiotou4 ANA
Image Credit: Orestis Panayiotou /ANA


fotia afidnes
Image Credit: Tatiana Bolari /Eurokinissi


Image Credit: Vasilis Rebapis /Eurokinissi


Image Credit: Vasilis Rebapis /Eurokinissi


Image Credit: Tatiana Bolari/ Eurokinissi


athina varimpompi
Image Credit: Tatiana Bolari/Eurokinissi


attiki fires
Image Credit: Tatiana Bolari/Eurokinissi