More than a million acres burnt by fires in Turkey, Italy and Greece follow


Greece ranks in third place, after Turkey and Italy,  in the Mediterranean basin in terms of burnt areas for 2021, with an estimated 933,680 acres destroyed by the fires as of  August 8, 2021 according to the Meteo service of Athens Observatory.

Turkey leads with an estimated 1.6 million acres (an increase of 314% compared to the average for 2002-2020), followed by Italy with about one million acres and an increase of 148%. After Greece, follows Spain with almost 400,000 acres burnt areas, representing a decrease of 39%.

The analysis is based on the latest data from the European Forest Fire Information System on the situation in the Mediterranean during the current fire season. In general, the region of the Southeastern Mediterranean presents an extremely bad picture, with almost all countries recording a significant increase in the absolute size of the burnt  areas as of Sunday, August 8.

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