Fires: The moving moment a Greek firefighter gave his Romanian colleague a Greek flag


Battle against blazes in Evia, where Romanian, Serbian and Greek firefighters are operating, continue.

In fact, the Romanian Ministry of Interior posted on its official Facebook account a beautiful story about a Greek and a Romanian.

Spyros from Greece told Florin from Romania that it was an honour to work with him and thanked him on behalf of his Greek colleagues.

The Romanian firefighter hastened to add that he hopes to meet again with his colleagues from Greece but "in happier situations, not like this."

Then, Florin's phone rang, and he apologised to Spyros since his son was calling him and he wanted to assure him that he was fine.

As soon as the phone call ended, the following dialogue followed:

  • Spyros: Do you have a child?
  • Florin: I have two, a 6-year-old boy and a 3-year-old daughter.
  • Spyros: And you came to Greece to help us put out the fires? I think it is very difficult for you to be here and think about your family.
  • Florin: Difficult? What is happening now is more difficult for you. What matters is to put out these fires.

Spyros was moved and finally gave him a Greek flag, saying: "I offer it to you with all my heart, because you have won our hearts. Tell this to your children too, please."

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