Flight attendant slapped after receiving an earful in Cyprus from a passenger who lit a cigarette

Larnaca Airport flight

A flight attendant was slapped in the face and got an earful from a passenger, who lit a cigarette as he was disembarking the aircraft at Larnaca airport.

Police said they received a complaint from a flight attendant on a London-Larnaca flight, who said a male passenger refused to put out a cigarette after she specifically instructed him to do so.

The incident took place very early morning on Wednesday, after the plane had landed at Larnaca International Airport and while passengers were disembarking the aircraft.

While smoking was prohibited in the area, Knews has been told no criminal offense was being suspected in accordance to aviation regulations

According to the complaint, the Greek Cypriot stewardess saw the man lighting up a cigarette on the steps outside the aircraft, as passengers were climbing down an open air staircase and being taken to another location for inspections.

After the flight attendant told the passenger to put out the cigarette, citing risk of fire during refueling of the aircraft, the man reportedly did not comply.

She then grabbed the cigarette out of his mouth and the male passenger slapped her in the face and started yelling at her.

The passenger, described as a 47-year-old Cypriot male who lives on the island, then proceeded to light up another cigarette, according to the complaint.

Police said the man was not arrested but has been charged with multiple offenses, including common assault and causing a public disturbance. A smoking violation was also filed against him.

But while smoking was prohibited in the area where the alleged incident took place, Knews has been told that no criminal offense was being suspected in accordance with aviation regulations, based on the fact that the incident did not take place during flight or inside the aircraft.

A Larnaca police petty crime unit is investigating the incident.

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