Australian donation to help group plant 300k trees in Nicosia

6 members of the group at a previous tree planting event

The ‘300k Trees in Nicosia’ NGO said on Monday that a ‘significant’ donation from the Australian High Commission will help the group achieve its goal of planting 300,000 trees in the district of Nicosia, one for each person in the capital.

“We want to publicly thank the High Commission for helping us implement our idea to create our plant nursery,” project coordinator Eleftheria Louca told the Cyprus Mail.

“Thanks to the sponsorship they provided us, but also the donation of land in the area of Flasou in Nicosia district by volunteers, who were already actively involved in our activities, this goal will be achieved very soon.”

What started as a simple citizens’ initiative, ‘300k Trees in Nicosia’ is now a registered NGO that has shown remarkable passion in dealing with climate issues.

The Nicosia-based organisation cooperates with various public and private bodies such as universities and schools.

“So far, we have managed to plant 7,215 trees, mainly harrop and pine trees and other local species. We hoped that after this initiative, other cities in Cyprus would be inspired too. Now there is a strong movement throughout the island that aims at mass tree planting,” she said.

She admitted that it was very difficult for an environmental organisation like theirs to achieve their goals as state funding has been almost completely cut off. She added that the group would never accept funding from companies without a clear environmental policy following the established standards of corporate responsibility.

“It would be hypocrisy to accept money from companies that keep double standards in tackling climate change,” she said.

She urged those wanting to contribute to the group’s plans to contact 300k Trees in Nicosia via their social media pages.

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Source Cyprus Mail