Government offers millions in grants to resurrect Greek theatre

Government offers millions in grants to resurrect Greek theatre 1

The Greek government yesterday announced a new funding initiative to support the theatre industry which like most sectors has taken a severe beating since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports said an estimated 2,590,000 euros in grants will be made available to theatre producers for one-year planning 2021-2022 and two-year planning 2021-2023.

According to the announcement, the total amount of the One-Year and Two-Year Planning grants proposed by the Theatre Advisory Committee  amounts to 2,590,000 euros, ie: (1,470,000 euros + 1,120,000 euros -560,000 euros per year).

For the financial year 2021 it amounts to  2,030,000 euros, ie: (1,470,000 euros + 560,000 euros) “.

As noted in its announcement, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has as objectives:

– The support  and promotion of contemporary Greek artistic creation in Greece and abroad.
– To strengthen Greek theatrical activity.
– Support the work of young creators.
– The creation of new jobs.
– The presentation and promotion of  modern Greek theatrical work of  young Greek playwrights.
– Support of theatre troupes in Greece and abroad and their participation in international festivals, programs and collaborations, upon relevant selection.
– Encourage creative collaborations between artists and innovative collaborations as well as with cross-sectoral groups.
– Audience development.
– The support of integrated actions of social and educational character, which expand the theatre audience and bring it in contact with works of high artistic quality.
– Acquaintance and participation of children and young people in culture.
– Promoting inclusiveness, accessibility and participation in culture, with an emphasis on vulnerable social groups.
– The fight against stereotypes and discrimination, the acceptance of diversity as well as the strengthening of social solidarity and cohesion.
– The strengthening of models of cultural management, planning, production and promotion / dissemination of sustainable cultural actions.
– The development of actions regional areas with the aim of supporting and utilising local cultural institutions, contributing to economic revitalisation and job creation.
– Support other forms of economic activity, such as tourism, the production of initiatives that promote cooperation, etc.


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