It’s not all peaches for tax evasion ring after raid by 100 auditors


More than 100 tax auditors have raided and busted an extensive tax evasion ring of peach producers with an estimated 625 tons of peach trade unaccounted for.

According to the Tax Department, the raid  had been prepared for days based on specific information, and was carried out on the same day at 53 targeted locations in the prefectures of Imathia and Pella.

The tax officials  “plowed” through the two prefectures, having coordinates for points of collection and distribution of agricultural products, selected according to the following criteria:

* Geographical spread
* Distance between them,
* Possibility of direct connection of one workshop to another,
* Coverage of as many spaces as possible.

Auditors proceeded to both on-site accounting and physical counts of purchases and sales using the closed warehouse method, as well as on-site and surprise audits at the time of receipt of the peaches.

Analytically the results of the audit:
* Company was found not to have title deeds for the possession of 16 loads of peaches, with a total weight of 525 tons!
* 20 producers were found to distribute peaches without invoices, with a total weight of 110 tons!
* A company had issued 5 inaccurate invoices, hiding taxable trade of 1,400 euros .
* Company had heaps of non-submission or inaccurate submission of statements, recapitulative statements and changed statements.

In addition to the fines imposed:
* These companies were asked to provide their books and accounting records,
* Duplicate books and invoice blocks were confiscated,
* Books and data were seized.

Authorities are continuing with their investigation and analysing all seized documentation.

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