VIDEO: Man plays bouzouki while undergoing brain surgery

brain surgery bouzouki thessaloniki

A bouzouki can be heard in the corridors of the AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki, and it is not coming from a radio or an attendant listening to music, but from the operating room.

The musical instrument in the hands of 37-year-old Dimitris Kyrtsos, who a few months ago, had a tumour removed from his head while he was playing the bouzouki.

The man from Veria said during an interview that he saw videos on YouTube of people playing other instruments during their own surgery.

“I thought, ‘why not me?’.”

As the young patient explains, he was not under general anesthesia, which means that he was conscious and in fact the first song he played was “Mavromata mou”, which he dedicated to his wife.

The surgery was a success.

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