AUSTRALIA: Hospital worker sacked for anti-Semitic 'Gas Chamber' slur after illegal party fined $350,000


A female clinical assistant at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia has been sacked over anti-Semitic remarks after she suggested that attendees at an 'illegal' engagement party in St Kilda "should be put in a gas chamber".

The hospital was quick to distance itself from the worker saying that the abhorrent comments did not reflect the organisation’s values.

"We are aware of a hospital support staff member who made an abhorrent and disgraceful anti-Semitic comment on Facebook.

"The comment does not reflect the Royal Melbourne Hospital and our values. We do not tolerate racial or religious hatred, contempt or ridicule.

"The staff member is no longer an employee of the hospital and we apologise for the hurt and anger this has caused.

" We stand with and support our Jewish staff members, patients and community." read the statement, posted on social media yesterday.

The sacked hospital worker was referring to an 'illegal' engagement party held by members of the Jewish community where an estimated sixty-nine maskless people attended in clear breach of the State's lockdown laws.

The event was discovered after an attendee posted a video of the event, which sparked police intervention and public outrage.

Police Commissioner Shane Patton said each guest will be issued fines of $5,500 and upwards.

“It’s $5,500, if you take off a few for each child, over $350,000 worth of fines,” said Commissioner Patton.

Meanwhile the engaged couple at the centre of the controversy have admitted they did the wrong thing and asked the community to forgive them and not continue with the barrage of hateful commentary and attacks they've been receiving on social media.

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