Donated Fire Fighting Helicopters from Australia arrive in Greece


Greek industrial company Mytilineos SA has sourced from Australia 4 fully equipped fire fighting helicopters to help bring under control the fires that have been raging in Greece in recent weeks.

The company said in a statement this week that it was bringing to Greece four Bell 214 BI helicopters and a crew of 20 pilots, translators and engineers.

The company statement stated the following.

The unprecedented wildfires that have been raging in Greece since the beginning of August and are causing an enormous damage, require, among other things, the immediate use of as many firefighting equipment and related equipment as possible, in order to stop their catastrophic spread.

From the first moment that the magnitude of the disaster became apparent, MYTILINEOS decided immediately to help in the most appropriate way. In collaboration with the Government and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, the Company aimed to offer firefighting helicopters, which were most needed by the Fire Department.

After huge efforts, the most suitable for the occasion and of higher quality BELL 214 BI helicopters of the American company Erickson Inc were located in Australia, fully equipped with flying and supporting staff consisting of more than 20 pilots, engineers and translators. These helicopters, after being approved at operational level by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, are handed over to the State of Greece, in order to contribute to the extinguish of the active fire fronts in the country.

These helicopters (4 in number) are on their way to our country and will remain for 60 days from the date of their arrival, in order to avoid the risk of resurgence or new wildfires, while the cost of the helicopters (€ 3.3 million) is fully undertaken by MYTILINEOS.

Experts will adjudicate whether the wildfires that engulfed the country were the result of long-term deficiencies and state problems, or an additional proof of the catastrophic effects of climate change. MYTILINEOS is the first Greek company and one of the first industries in Europe and worldwide, that set clear targets to minimize its carbon footprint, while its entire strategy is governed by the principles of sustainable development.

Our commitments are being matched by deeds and every time our homeland calls us, we try to be useful, in a crucial and effective way. We also pledge to assist in any effort of rebuilding the burned areas and of reforestation of the woods.

Together we will succeed!

We express our deepest respect and gratitude to to the firefighters, the security forces, the volunteers and all those who exceeded themselves to reduce the great disaster in the country.