Fire approaches Sounio National Forest

Sounio National Forest

Firefighters battled a wildfire in Keratea, Attica on Monday afternoon, trying to prevent it from reaching the National Forest of Sounio further south.

The fire front rages along the villages of Markati, Synterina and Aghios Konstantinos – all of which have been evacuated along with Dimolaki – while homes have been damaged. One of the fronts extends along the mountain ridge above Aghios Konstantinos, where firefighters are concentrating their forces.

Unfortunately the strong winds, registering between 4 and 6 on the Beaufort scale, are preventing the control of the blaze.

A total of 91 firefighters with 3 ground teams and 34 fire trucks are in the region, along with 6 airplanes and 6 helicopters, including those of the Armed Forces. Volunteer firefighters, heavy machinery and local water trucks are assisting.

Saronikos Mayor Petros Filippou said that both his township and that of Lavreotiki are putting to use all available means, noting that “things are very difficult” because of the wind.

Access to the Aghios Konstantinos-Anavyssos road, and the old Lavrio-Keratea road is blocked for the time being.

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