Greek journalist soaked after Canadair dumps water on wildfires


A SKAI journalist, who was in Keratea to cover news about the fire, was soaked by a Canadair plane that was fighting fires.

Journalist Miltos Sakellaris was near the scene of the fire and was on a live broadcast when a Canadair passed over him to drop water on fires.

Although much of the water was dumped on the fire, some of it was dropped on the journalist!

“Look at the water. See how much water fell. I go further, a lot of water fell “, the journalist can be heard saying, laughing for a few seconds.

However, he immediately regroups and continues his reporting.

The picture today on the Keratea front is clearly better, with the fire brigade remaining at the scene for any resurgence .

Yesterday, the flames destroyed or severely damaged some houses, which were scattered in the area.

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