Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka breaks down in tears after questioned by journalist


Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka left crying during the Western and Southern Open press conference in Cincinnati yesterday, when a local journalist asked her why a tennis player of her calibre who has the favor of the media does not like press conferences.

Osaka, who lit the torch of the Tokyo Olympics on July 23 had caused controversy when she retired from Roland Garros claiming she would stop appearing at press conferences, after which she withdrew from Wimbledon.

In Cincinnati yesterday (16/8), while everything was going smoothly during the press conference, journalist Paul Doherty insisted on finding out why she felt uncomfortable in front of the cameras, telling her that the media helped launch her career.

The Japanese tennis player then "broke down", with her agent then accusing the journalist of  "bullying".

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Naomi Osaka Breaks Down In Tears During First Interview 

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