TURKEY: Discovery of Ancient Relief depicting Greco-Persian wars


An ancient relief depicting the Greek-Persian wars was discovered on Monday during excavations in the northwestern Turkey reported the country's official news agency.

According to the report filed by the Anadolu Agency, the relief is dated from the fifth century B.C. and shows figures of fighting Greek soldiers beneath the hoofs of Persian warhorses.

Archeologist Kaan Iren, who made the discovery with his team in the ancient city of Dascylium found in the modern-day Bandirma district of Balikesir province referred to the depiction as "a scene of propaganda under the pretext of war".

"Of the eighth-century-B.C. wall left from the Phrygian age, this year we unearthed an area of four meters (13.1 feet) high and 40 meters long. We think this wall, which made of stone and mudbrick with the mudbrick parts having disappeared over time, was seven or eight meters high,"  Iren told the media outlet.