Nick Andriotis Donates 2 Million Euros to Municipality of Nisyros

Nick Andriotis Donates 2 Million Euros to Municipality of Nisyros

The well-known Nisyrian expatriate Nick Andriotis made a large donation of 2,000,000 euros to the public welfare institution Dimotiki Touristiki Epichirissi Nisyrou (DITOUREN) to invest in the renovation of the Thermal Baths of the Municipality of Nisyros.

The Board of Directors of DITOUREN accepted the donation and the conditions that ensure the investment to complete the project.

Nick Andriotis immigrated to the United States in the 1950s at a young age, worked hard and managed to become financially independent. He spent most of his life in the community of St. Demetrios in Astoria, New York, where he was parish council president for several years and chairman of the school board.

During his presidency, the first Greek high school in the United States was founded at St. Demetrios in Astoria, and it continues to operate to this day.
In 2017, Andriotis donated $1 million to St. Demetrios to renovate the community's elementary school.
With his donation to Nisyros, he emerges as the great benefactor of the island where he was born.
The Mayor of Nisyros expressed his warm thanks to Andriotis and described him as "a devoted helper of Greek education and Nisyros all his life. Not only the Municipality of Nisyros but also the State must give him the highest honours as a token of respect for his contribution."
The Mayor in the presentation of the Municipality's activities at an event held on August 13 stated that the Municipal Authority is committed to contribute the same amount of the donation and to contact the South Aegean region and ministries for further funding to complete the project for the total renovation of the Municipal Thermal Baths and their expansion.
He went on to say that the procedures required to start this great project begin immediately, and a Deputy Mayor will be appointed responsible for the renovation of the Municipal Thermal Baths.

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