Economopoulos in hospital with COVID-19, breathing difficulties

nikos Oikonomopoulos

Popular singer Nikos Economopoulos tested positive for COVID-19 and is being treated at the Evangelismos hospital in Athens.

According to Proto Thema, the 37-year-old singer tested positive a few days ago, but his condition was stable and he remained at home.

However, Economopoulos’ health began to deteriorate and he found it difficult to breath.

It is noted that he has not been vaccinated.

In an interview he gave last year to radio station Rythmos 9.49FM, Nikos Economopoulos had spoken about the coronavirus, his Faith and that he would still receive Holy Communion even if before him was a man with leprosy or any communicable disease. More specifically, the singer referred extensively to the coronavirus, but also to his faith.

“Nothing has changed with the coronavirus. I think like I thought before. The coronavirus just brought a mess to our lives. It has changed everything for us. It has changed the structure of our thinking, we do not know what to think, what is right, what is wrong. Some other people tell us what is right, while we know what it is and they want to drive us crazy. “There are some people who misinform people and say things they do not know and they just heard them somewhere and so people do not know what to believe.”

Economopoulos said that he takes safety measures and applies antiseptics adding that he did it now “to a greater extent than before”.

The singer first came to prominence in Greece after winning the talent show Dream Show – The Music 2.

He has ten albums to his name, with his newest one, aptly titled 10, released back in 2017.

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