Gold Greek Olympian Miltos Tentoglou is given the keys to the city


Gold medal Olympian Miltos Tentoglou was given another hero's welcome, this time in the Municipal Stadium in his city of Grevena, where mayor George Dastamanis, awarded him the "key to the city".

In his honour, the very stadium where the ceremony took place, was renamed "Miltos Tentoglou", following a unanimous Council decision.

Crowds rushed to see Miltos Tentoglou up close and congratulate him on his huge success at the Tokyo Olympics, after becoming the first Greek to win a long jump gold medal in the history of the Olympic Games. In his last and final attempt, Tentoglou stunned the world with a jump of 8.41m.

Tentoglou was moved by all the attention and support saying that "it is wonderful that everyone has gathered here. It is a great honor for me that the stadium took my name and I thank them very much" but had not expected anything this large.

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