Oikonomopoulos COVID-19 UPDATE: Caught the virus in Mykonos, high flow oxygen treatment

Nikos Economopoulos COVID-19

The treating doctors consider the health condition of beloved singer Nikos Oikonomopoulos, who is being treated for COVID-19 in Evangelismos hospital, to be good and under control.

The singer, who has not been vaccinated against COVID-19, is being treated on the 6th floor of the hospital and is on high flow oxygen therapy, which was deemed necessary after he had severe respiratory problems.

Despite the fact that the performer’s state of health is improving, doctors do not overlook how unpredictable the development of the COVID-19 infection can be and continue to monitor him closely.

It is recalled that the 37-year-old singer returned a few days ago from his vacation in Mykonos and initially showed mild symptoms.

Oikonomopoulos took a test and, after testing positive, remained in quarantine at his home.

However, his health deteriorated as he had severe difficulty breathing and then had to be hospitalised.

Mykonos Live TV had spotted the singer enjoying his walk with his friends in cosmopolitan Matogiannia without showing that any particularly worry for COVID-19.

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