Fourth pandemic wave sends almost 30% more Greeks into intensive care


With the fourth coronavirus pandemic wave flooding the world,  intensive care admissions in Greece have increased by 29.44% in the last ten days, said University of Patras Medical School professor and pathologist Haralambos Gogos Thursday.

Gogos said the increased admissions have an occupancy rate of nearly 60% in those units nationally – on Crete this occupancy rate is 96.5%, adding that controlling the disease is something that will happen far into the future.

“Until we reach the necessary immunity rate, which may reach over 80-85%, we need to follow individual protection measures thoroughly,” he said, urging a 10% of his colleagues to get vaccinated as well,” the professor added.

The fourth pandemic wave being experienced now globally is related to the Delta variant, which has dominated all other strains to a rate of 85% in all new cases.

Professor Gogos  said that the pandemic right now is mainly a disease of young people (median age, 29) but is spreading to older people, particularly those in low vaccination areas.

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