What’s the latest on the Greek forest fires?

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Two specific wildfires are still burning just outside Athens as of today.

Both fires have mainly dwindled, with firefighters on the scene still working to keep the flames at bay.

Last night a significant wildfire burned homes in the village of Vilia, 40 miles northwest of Athens, before the “greatest part” of the outbreak was brought under control, according to Citizens’ Protection Minister Michalis Chrisochoidis.

A separate fire 40 miles to the southeast of Athens, near the port town of Lavrio, was also beaten back with the help of water-bombing planes and helicopters.

Much of Greece is still under a Category 4 Very High-Risk warning, including the southeast Peloponnese, most of the Attica region around Athens. And the islands of Lesbos, Lemnos and Chios.

The southern half of the island of Evia, which witnessed terrible destruction when the north of the island was destroyed earlier this month, is also under a Very High-Risk warning.


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