Rhodes: The Taste of Summer for Italy


Rhodes (or Rodos) has been at the centre of a campaign by the Greek National Tourism Office (GNTO) designed to promote the beautiful Dodecanese island as the tourist destination of choice to Italy.

Well known for its medieval architecture, beaches, and exciting nightlife scene, Rhodes is also famous for its gastronomy and wines – all of which is showcased in an extensive feature published in the August edition of Italian ‘Bell’ Europa’ travel magazine.

Entitled ‘Rodi, il gusto dell’ estate’ (Rhodes, the taste of summer), the 14-page article contains helpful information for tourists and beautiful photos provided both by the GNTO as well as gathered and collated by ‘Bell’ Europa’ journalist Vannina Patanè and photographer Massimo Ripani.

Anthony Quinn's beach was so named because it was chosen as the set of the 1961 film 'The Cannons of Navarone', which starred amongst its protagonists, the critically acclaimed Mexican-American actor and director. Photo: @belleuropa_magazine
Lindos Acropolis Rhodes
Acropolis in Lindos, Rhodes
Lindos, Rhodes
The picturesque village of Lindos, Rhodes, with its white washed houses built on the hillside, on top of which dominates the Acropolis.

In the press trip organised by the GNTO in Italy in conjunction with the Municipality of Rhodes, Patanè and Ripani toured the island, visiting restaurants and taverns, speaking with owners, and tasting many traditional and modern dishes of the island made with authentic local products.

Antonis Taverna Rhodes
For the feature in their August edition, Bell' Europa visited many restaurants and tavernas in Rhodes, famous for their dishes featuring fresh, local ingredients. Photo: Antonis Taverna, Rhodes
IMG 0140
Photo: Antonis Taverna, Rhodes

The cuisine in Rhodes contains a wide variety of foods, including legumes, wild greens, olive oil, fish, fruit and vegetables, hence traditional recipes of the region feature fresh local ingredients.

Wine has been remained ever present on the typical table of Rhodes since ancient times, and wines produced on the island are considered amongst the best in the world. As well as its wines of excellent quality, ouzo and local "Souma" (a spirit similar to the Cretan "Raki") , with Retsina and local beers also very popular.

Chalki Halki Greece
Next stop for Bell' Europa: the rustic, hilly island of Halki (Chalki)

In addition to Rhodes, the ‘Bell’ Europa’ journalists also visited the rustic, hilly island of Halki (Chalki) to prepare and research for a second feature set to be published in an up and coming edition of the magazine.

Located close to Rhodes, Halki is a picturesque tiny island, popular for its traditional architecture and secluded beaches, many of which are accessible only by boat.

Find the August edition of Bell' Europa here.

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