5 of the best Hacks to Grow Your Eyelashes Really, Really Long! Yes, it's actually possible.

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If you're like me and are in lockdown, unable to get your eyelash extensions refilled, you're probably scouring the internet trying to find ways to extend those eyelashes! You don't need to keep getting semi-permanent eyelash extensions, and you CAN grow them yourself, and, in this article, I'll show you just how I did it!

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How my natural eyelashes look after 4 weeks of constant care

There are several ways to get longer lashes naturally without resorting to eyelash extensions or dramatic false strip lashes. Whether it's keeping them hydrated with various oils and serums, or simply sleeping enough, there are plenty of simple and powerful ways to make your lashes grow longer and stronger in no time!


When it comes to growing your eyelashes, there are plenty of DIY hacks that might be worth trying before you seek any prescription treatments. A lot of people have had success using these products to stimulate hair growth on their lash lines. But, as with any product, be sure to check with your doctor or dermatologist before adding new things into your beauty routine and confirm that there’s no major medical reason for your lash loss.

top 10 eyelash serums before after resultsOver time and practised consistently, these hacks are guaranteed to give you your fluffiest natural eyelashes yet.


Here are the 5 ways in which I grew my natural eyelashes in 4 weeks:


  1. Use a good-quality eyelash serum consistently for 4 weeks. I can't stress this enough- using an eyelash serum that's been proven to work (check the reviews and ingredients) is the first step in growing sexy eyelashes! The one that I tried and actually WORKED is UKLASH Eyelash Serum. It is rated #1 in The World's Top 10 Eyelash Serums, and for good reason! According to the reviewing panel, users experienced up to 50% increase in length and thickness, four reviewers stopped wearing mascara altogether (I call that an enormous success). Additionally, UKLash is perfectly suitable for use on eyebrows too, making this serum entirely versatile. Huge thumbs up from me! Grab yourself a tube today!
  2. Get enough sleep! As with every part of our body, sleep is the time for intense regeneration and restoration. During the night and along with melatonin, your body releases growth hormones to help tissues grow and repair themselves - hello, night-time lash growth! Eight to nine hours in bed, with at least 7 of those in deep sleep is optimal.ask the expert what is a good nights sleep 2
  3. Remove your eye makeup correctly! Firstly, soak and rinse off the makeup using a gentle cleanser, then use a WET cotton pad with either coconut or baby oil on it and wipe gently IN THE DIRECTION of your eyelashes until the pad is relatively clear. NEVER pull off strip eyelashes or use a wet wipe directly on heavy made-up eyes! Remember that the skin around your eyes is the most sensitive on all your body!
  4. Use Olive Oil to moisturize your eyelashes!  Natural olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids that act as emollients, moisturizing and softening your eyelashes. Pro tip: The simplest way to apply these oils is to get disposable mascara brushes, and dip them into the oil, then brush the oil onto your lashes.meg ashworth44

I recommend this brand- Bliss Of Greece Ancient Greek Remedy Oil (4 Oz.)- This oil is made with a combination of 100% natural oils, including olive, lavender, almond, and grapeseed oils. While this does come in a spray mist bottle, you can easily take out the top and dip in your mascara wand to pick up the oil and apply it to your lashes. This formula is organic, vegan, and has the backing of more than 24,300 Amazon reviewers! Thumbs up from me!

  1. Take a Vitamin E Supplement! Vitamin E is great for your lashes, whether taken orally or applied topically. You can consider including it in your night routine since it's proven to be very effective in boosting hair growth and density. Vitamin E is a nutrient that is rich in antioxidants. It also supports the immune system as well as cell regeneration for the skin and eyes. When vitamin E is applied to the skin, it’s believed that the hair follicles also benefit from cell regeneration, and thus grow stronger and longer. When used consistently, it can make your eyelashes appear thicker, longer, and healthier. Pro-tip: It can be applied along with Castor Oil for amazing eyelash growth! I recommend the Blackmores Vitamin E 1000 IU capsules. 

9300807205204So, we've learned what products to use, and what NOT TO do when it comes to preserving the health and longevity of your eyelashes. These tips and tricks are guaranteed to work because I've been the guinea pig for you. If you really want to grow out your eyelashes, persistence and consistency are key! As the saying goes, nothing worth having comes quick!


Despina Karpathiou is an experienced freelance lifestyle journalist, accredited makeup artist, and certified beautician based in Sydney, Australia. She is currently studying a Double Bachelor of Communications and Business and is passionate about glam makeovers, healing yourself with food, diagnosing and correcting skin conditions naturally, and living your best life from the inside out. Follow her here for all things skin, health, and beauty.