Autumn restrictions for unvaccinated repeated

Shops in the centre of Athens can open on Sundays in 2021

This basically means that as the weather conditions cools and in in imminent bad weather, the unvaccinated will not be able to enter the indoor areas of entertainment venues (indoor restaurants, cafes, bars, theaters and cinemas, as well as sport stadiums) as opposed to the inoculated, who will be able to do so simply by displaying the relevant digital certificate and identity documents.

In comments to Skai TV on Saturday, government spokesman Yiannis Oikonomou said the relevant announcements are expected on Tuesday.

“I think on Tuesday the framework governing the pandemic and the functioning of the economy and society will be announced,” he said.

Oikonomou also stressed that “we are not done with the pandemic, it is persistent and is not backing down, contrary to the stubbornness of those who interpret things in their own way.”

“Either these people will be vaccinated, or they will get sick, endangering society in its entirety, including those who are already vaccinated, and that is unfair,” he said.

“We do not count votes with the numbers of vaccinations, we count human lives,” Oikonomou noted.