Greece offers “holiday voucher” to foreign firefighters as a “Thank You”

Greece fires august 2021

Greece has offered “holiday vouchers” to firefighters from foreign countries who responded to the assistance call. A joint ministerial decision was legislated last Friday, August 13, 2021, as a form of gratitude for foreign assistance in time of need.

According to the legislation, members of the foreign missions of the fire brigades, who helped in the difficult task of firefighting, are eligible for a holiday voucher.

The voucher allows them to receive tourism services for free in Greece.

  • The joint decision – Article 28 – by the Ministers of Tourism, Finance, Development & Investment and Digital Governance, specifies the type of financial facility (voucher), its beneficiaries, the manner of its issuance and credit, the amount, the duration of provided services, the conditions and the period of use of the voucher as well as the necessary documents that need to be submitted by the beneficiaries.

Hundreds of firefighters from 11 EU countries and 12 non-EU countries came to Greece to help combat the big fire fronts that burned down thousands of hectares of forest and agricultural land, destroyed livestock and wildlife, houses and businesses since the beginning of the month.