Greece is on high alert, as more Greeks evacuated from Afghanistan


As more Greek nationals are evacuated from Afghanistan, Greek Migration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarakis said that “Greece is is on high alert at the sea and land borders,” ahead of a major migration crisis.

Mitarakis made the comments on Sunday during an interview with newspaper “Real News” adding that “we do not want and will not become a gateway for undocumented migration flows in Europe.”

“From the beginning, the government focused its national strategy on reducing migration flows and mitigating the effects of the crisis are,” he underlined.

Mitarakis acknowledged that the developments in Afghanistan are a matter of concern, however, he clarified that “we do not want and will not again become a gateway for undocumented migratory flows to the continent.”

“The only sure thing is that in the face of a possible wave of migration, Greece will not be limited to the role of observer, but will play an active role in the European fora to deal with it effectively.”

As far as it concerns Europe, it must establish safety nets that, above all, will prevent the exploitation and weaponisation of human misery for geopolitical purposes.

Meanwhile the Greek Foreign Ministry confirmed that a Greek national working in Afghanistan arrived in Athens via London, according to diplomatic sources, on Saturday, at 23.00.

The Greek embassy in London was in constant contact with him and provided him with all possible assistance, the same sources stressed.

Another Greek citizen also arrived in Athens via Qatar with the help of the USA on Sunday. The Greek embassy in Doha provided him with consular assistance.

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