Greek Cypriot woman 'breastfeeds' Men and Bodybuilders from around the world

rafaela 2

Greek Cypriot mother of two Rafaela Lambrou, 24, has been selling her breast milk to men around the world, claiming it helps them build muscle according to a Greek media outlet.

According to the media outlet, Lambrou took to the internet to sell her breastmilk after the birth of her Angelos when she discovered she was producing too much milk and nowhere to store it.


Initially, the 24 year old reported that she gave her breast milk to women who had difficulty producing their own but soon enough men started approaching her for her breast milk.

"I gave birth to my son 7 months ago. I had a lot of milk and thought it would be good to store it somewhere. However, so much milk was collected that it did not fit in the refrigerator," Rafaela said.

Initially, Rafaela pumped out 2 litres of milk a day and gave it to other moms for free but when she started receiving requests from men she decided to sell it to them.

"In the beginning they asked me for my milk to build muscle and then for various fetishes." she said.

"It was a bit strange to give my breast milk to men for fetishistic reasons, but since they did not ask me to show them another part of my body I had no problem," she added.

Rafaela is not sure how much longer she will continue to sell her breast milk, but she said that her husband was very supportive.

Now, Rafaela is breastfeeding to order and sending her milk to men all over the world.