200kg wild boar killed in Central Greece: See the video


A large wild boar was killed in Central Greece by the Atalanti Forest Service in order to limit their population until the official start of hunting season.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the population of wild and half-bred pigs has risen in very large numbers in Greece, with the result that they are also looking for new areas to feed.

Thankfully they are more domesticated and indifferent to the presence of humans.

In many areas of Fthiotida, wild boars roam even in squares or backyards,

It is known how dangerous the afternoon and night hours are, especially on busy roads.

The specific wild boar, which was close to 200 kilos, was hunted by the Atalanti crew headed by the President of the Atalanti Hunting Association, Dimitris Karatrandos.

As he told Lamia Report, the boar constantly destroyed crops of grapes, almonds, grains and whatever else he could find, guiding a whole herd.

"Until the start of the wild boar hunt on September 15, the Atalanti Forest Service set up a  team with the cooperation of the Hunting Associations for the control of the population," Karatrandos explained.

"The crews operate at specific hours and days at the suggestion of the Forest Service and the support of the authorities for the restriction of traffic during the specific periods, while we always hunt in the presence of a forest clerk and a gamekeeper.

"Personally, it is the largest I have seen in the many years I have been hunting. He had made huge damages to the crops, while by chance, he had not caused a serious traffic accident as he was constantly walking on the Atalanti-Kalapodi road.

"It was, we would say, the attraction of the area and everyone had seen it, as it did not even wait for the night to come out."

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