Bomb threat against 10 Greek hotels proves to be hoax

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Ten Greek hotels in Thessaloniki were reportedly threatened with a bomb attack warning on Monday, leading to the evacuation of five hotels as a matter of precaution.

According to police, a team of experts from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal department was dispatched to all ten hotels and conducted a thorough investigation of all interior and exterior spaces but found nothing suspicious.

Police eventually concluded that it was a hoax with hotels returning to normal operation after a temporary halt to business and distress caused to staff and clients.

Police sources, speaking to Greek media,  spoke of an unprecedented incident, as never before had a similar hoax been made to hotels in the city. Given the mass e-mailing of the threats by the pranksters,  police did not exclude the possibility that the same email was sent to many more hotels but that staff might not have opened them as yet.


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