ON THIS DAY 24 AUGUST: Greek popstar PASCHALIS is born


On this day 24 August in 1946 popular Greek signer Paschalis (aka Paschalis Arvanitidis) was born in Doxato, Drama.

His career began at a very young age with the band Olympians, and later decided to follow  a solo career. In 1977 he participated in the Eurovision Song Contest together with Robert Williams, Marianna Toli and Bessy Argyraki, winning the 5th place for Greece with the song Solfez Lesson by George Chatzinassiou and Sevi Tiliakou.

He has recorded over 30 major albums, many of which went gold and platinum, surpassing 200,000 copies at the time.

In the mid-1950s his family (4 boys and 1 girl) settled in Thessaloniki. The global music revolution of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones found Paschalis  in his adolescence and did not leave him unaffected. At the age of sixteen he formed his first band, the Drugstoremen, after the Brahms and at the age of eighteen the Olympians.

He is married to Aliki Arvanitidi, a lawyer with whom he hastwo children, a son, Giannis and a daughter, Zina (Zenovia) who is pursuing a career as a musician and composer. In 2013 they had a granddaughter, little Aliki and in 2018 a grandson, little Angel.

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