Turkish human trafficker arrested in Rhodes

Greek Hellenic Coast Guard rescues 170 migrants Turk

A 19-year-old Turkish national, who was illegally transporting nine foreigners by speedboat to Greece, was located on Friday by a Greek Navy patrol boat in the wider sea area of ​​Rhodes airport.

The human trafficker did not respond to audible warnings from the Greek patrol boat and a pursuit followed, Proto Thema reported.

The Turkish speedboat performed dangerous maneuvers in order to ram the Greek patrol boat, but another patrol boat had rushed to the area to assist.

This was followed by warning shots in a safe area, according to the prescribed rules of engagement, thereby immobilizing the Turkish boat and arrested those on board.

Subsequently, officials of the relevant Port Authority, with the assistance of staff of the Ialyssos Police Authority, located the nine foreigners who were aboard the boat.

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