Australia, US, Britain call for evacuation of thousands, fearing ISIS and Taliban clash


Thousands of foreign nationals and eligible Afghanis are still at the gates of Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan, despite warnings from the United States, Britain and Australia to evacuate immediately due to the threat of Islamic State (IS) jihadists, a diplomat on the ground told the Reuters news agency.

The diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, noted that about 1,500 US citizens or people with US visas are trying to enter the airport. He assured that the flights will increase today (26/8) while yesterday they had decreased.

Western countries continue to race against the clock  to complete the evacuation of foreign and Afghan nationals who worked for them during the 20 year war in Afghanistan by August 31st.

Taliban insurgents continue to protect civilians outside Kabul International Airport, an Islamist official told Reuters today, adding that Western forces were required to meet the deadline for the evacuation. at the end of the month.

"Our guards are also risking their lives at Kabul airport, they are also facing the threat (of an attack) by the Islamic State," said the Taliban official, who also  spoke on condition of anonymity.


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