Michalis "Iron Mike" Zambidis: I am ready to be a father

Iron Mike Zambidis

18 time World Champion kickboxer Michalis "Iron Mike" Zambidis has announced at aged 41 that he is ready to take his relationship to the next level and have children.

He said on television: "We feel ready to become parents. I look forward to this gift, because it is a huge asset."

"What is more beautiful than creating life, investing time, knowledge and energy in them?" he added.

Mike and Maria have been together for the last few years but have chosen to keep their relationship out of the limelight.

Recently, however, the famous kickboxer posted a snapshot with his partner to give her well wishes on her name day.

The Greek fighter of Pontian descent is also known as the Turkofagos (Turk-eater) for having never lost to a Turkish fighter and defeating 11 in the ring.

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