Train wagons loaded with military fuel derailed near Serres


Greece's national railway authority OSE confirmed the derailment yesterday of two train wagons carrying fuel for the Greek army at around 13:40, at the 173rd km of the railway line Thessaloniki - Alexandroupolis, in area of ​​the Lefkothea Municipality of Serres.

According to OSE the above-mentioned wagons were part of a commercial train consisting of a total of eleven wagons carrying cargo. The fire brigade and the police immediately went to the derailment point in order to address fuel leakage from the derailed wagons aided by OSE crews who restored the train track and assisted in removing  any debris.

"After the restoration of the tracks and the removal of the wagons from the railway line, OSE SA will assess the extent of the damage to the network and will immediately take steps to ensure that the traffic in this specific section of the railway line returns operationally as soon as possible ", said the OSE in its statement.