Science has given us weapons to fight COVID-19, Ikonomou says

greece COVID-19 science vaccine vaccination

"We do not seek divisions. We are not against anyone. We do not distinguish between citizens. We provide free vaccines to everyone," government spokesperson Ioannis Ikonomou said on Thursday during a press briefing when speaking about vaccinations.

He then stressed that science has already provided options to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It would be irresponsible on our part to stand by with our arms folded," he said, adding: "Science has given us the weapons we need."

"It would be a huge mistake on our part to continue with the policy of horizontal restrictions at a time when the majority of society raises a shield of immunity through vaccinations," the government spokesperson continued.

COVID-19 vaccine vaccination greece

Ikonomou also left open the possibility of extending the obligation of vaccination to other categories of workers besides the ones that have already been announced.

Specifically, Ikonomou stressed that "what we have said about the obligation is valid, the possibility of its extension is always an option and a tool, which is on the table, there is a corresponding legal basis for this."

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