Harry Maguire faces two-year wait to be cleared of Mykonos holiday fight

Manchester United's Harry Maguire found guilty on three charges

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire is still on a suspended prison sentence following his alleged brawl in Mykonos - and an appeal for the defender may have to wait two more years to see his day in court.

The Englishman was involved in an alleged fight on the Greek Island in the summer of 2020 and was found guilty of assaulting a police officer, swearing and attempted bribery.
Harry was given a prison sentence of 21 months and ten days, suspended because it was a first offence and charges were misdemeanours.

Maguire's lawyers promptly appealed after August's sentence, but Covid-19's impact has caused massive delays.
Positive cases have piled up in Mykonos since its breakout last March.

A representative of Mykonos police, Ioannis Paradissis, said: "

"Given the backlog, it could well be the case they don't set a date until late 2022 or even early 2023."

While local attorney Dimitris Choulis added: "

"Due to Covid, there have been considerable delays in the judicial system.

“Generally speaking the Greek judicial system is notoriously slow and the Covid crisis has made it even slower.”

But the attorney did suggest that Maguire’s lawyers delay the proceedings as long as possible.

This is because legal administrators on the island of Mykonos dismiss cases “every few years” to clear up the system.