Priest in Achaia: I have the cure for COVID-19, it is Holy Water


On Sunday morning at the Church of Agios Ioannis in Riolo, Achaia, the former Metropolitan of Kalavrita Ambrosios took out a spray and claimed that he had the cure for COVID-19.

According to Flamis, the priest had given a purely religious speech, but then Mr. Ambrosios took the stage and announced why he wanted to be present at the feast of the specific church.

While he was talking about Saint Ioannis, he took out of his pocket a small spray bottle of Holy Water.

"This is the cure for every sin as well as the cure for the coronavirus," he said.

Apparently the politicians standing in the front row opposite them became very upset.

The deputy governor of Achaia, Charalampos Bonanos, reacted immediately and turned his back on the hierarch, shouting "shame."

"I felt I was living in the Middle Ages," said the deputy governor of Achaia.

"We fight to convince the truth of science and there are hierarchs who try to tell us about the sprayer.

"The least I had to do was leave the Church.

"What happened was an insult to the truth of science."

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