Terror in the water: Woman attacked by a loggerhead turtle in Crete


Sea ​​turtles caused terror for swimmers at the Port of Hersonissos in Crete.

Because these likeable reptiles and an attraction for tourists, they are still wild animals that need special attention when interacting with them.

In fact, for a woman in Crete, diving in the sea at the front of her house in the Port of Hersonissos, she found out the hard way.

While swimming, she felt a sharp pain in her leg, realising that she had been bitten by a sea turtle.

“If it does not happen to you, you do not value it. One day when I was swimming with my son, I received this very strong bite, the pain was very sharp,” she said when speaking to MEGA.

Then while she was being treated by a doctor, a tourist came running from the sea, having also encountered the turtle.

At the same time, attacks by sea turtles have upset residents and businesses in the area, who warn bathers not to throw food into the sea.

“Usually these incidents occur when local businesses or fishermen discard food or flutter their nets or deliberately want to feed the turtles in order to see them in the area and be seen by the public,” said Lydia Koutrouditsou, head of the ARCHELON Association.

As for how one should react if confronted with a wild animal, she advises:

“Definitely do not try to touch it and do not try to approach it because the animal can feel threatened. Admire it from a distance and slowly move away,” she advised.

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