Irish tourist arrested for killing fellow Irishman on Greek island of Ios

Ios 1

Greek police have arrested a 20 year old Irish tourist who is accused of killing his compatriot on the island of Ios, following an argument that turned violent.

According to media reports, in the early morning hours today (31/8) in Chora, Ios, the suspect got involved in an argument with the 20 year old victim.

It is reported that the accused hit the victim who in turn fell onto the road and was quickly transferred  by ambulance to the Health Center of the island, where he was pronounced deceased.

Officers who were informed about the incident immediately went to the spot where they located the perpetrator and brought him to the Police Department.

The arrested person, with the case file against him, will be taken to the Naxos Prosecutor's Office, while at the same time a forensic examination was ordered.

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