EU: New travel restrictions imposed on five countries including North Macedonia


The European Union has decided to re-impose restrictions for non-essential travel on five previously listed safe countries, including the United States, North Macedonia and Israel, as part of measures to combat the pandemic.

However, Member States reserve the right to lift restrictions on travelers coming from those countries who have been fully vaccinated.

Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and the United States have been removed from the list of "safe" countries. This means that visitors from these five countries may be subject to stricter border controls, such as being quarantined or required to take the Covid-19 test.

Some EU countries, such as Germany and Belgium, had already included the US in the list of "red" countries. Instead, France and the Netherlands considered the United States a "safe" country.

The list of safe countries is compiled based on the epidemiological situation in each country. Another important factor is the reciprocity of the measures imposed each time.
The list of EU safe countries includes only 17 countries, including Albania, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

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