Data leak exposes the personal data of 700,000 Covid-tested French citizens

A massive data leak of the private records of more than 700,000 French citizens on the website Francetest, was revealed yesterday by French media outlet Mediapart.

According to Mediapart, the names, dates of birth, addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers and email addresses, as well as test results of 700,000 French citizens stored on the website were suddenly exposed and made accessible to the public.

Francetest is a company founded in January and specializes in the transfer of Covid test data performed in pharmacies to the SI-DEP platform. SI-DEP (système d’informations de dépistage – detection information system) is a secure platform where the results of the Covid-19 tests are systematically recorded in order to “ensure that all positive cases have appropriate medical care and to identify suspicious contacts,” explained the French Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, addressing media concerns, Francetest claimed it has since resolved the security issues between August 27 and August 30 and contacted cyber-security experts to resolved the issue, whilst claiming there is no evidence that the data could have been recovered by other people.

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