Evangelismos Hospital: Unvaccinated woman dies of COVID-19, refuses intubation

COVID-19 coronavirus hospital nurse woman

A 54-year-old unvaccinated woman was hospitalised in Evangelismos hospital in Athens with COVID-19.

However, her denial of COVID-19 stayed right until her death, even to the point of refusing intubation.

Her oxygen dropped so low that intubation was deemed necessary, but she adamantly refused it.

She even asked a lawyer to represent her to stop medical staff from treating her any further.

In fact, on social media she called for help in order to avoid intubation.


The woman's time in hospital was episodic and healthcare workers requested public intervention for her to be intubated, however the 54-year-old did not win the battle against COVID-19.

When asked by Proto Thema if it is necessary to intubate a patient, the director of the Nursing Service of Evangelismos hospital, Dimitris Pistolas, said:

"Doctors deem intubation necessary in cases of hypoxemia, ie very low level of oxygen in the body, or if serious electrolyte disorders have been found. In both cases, the patient's level of consciousness is disturbed."

He said that for this reason it is judged that a patient in this condition is not able to decide on their treatment.

On August 13, the now deceased woman published on social media that she tested positive for COVID-19.

She posted what the doctors recommended to her and expressed her indignation for the difficulties she is going through, including being cut off from sex.

"It's a double whammy for us today. Not that we will die but suffering, bureaucracy, light food and quarantine (sex cut off)," the post said.


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