Mad Clip: Who was the New York-born rapper killed in a car accident in Athens?

Mad Clip

Mad Clip (Peter Anastasopoulos) was born in New York on May 25, 1987 but his life came to a tragic end in Athens on September 2, 2021.

He was a Greek-American rapper who belonged to the dynamic of the record company Capital Music.

Since the release of Dealer, many of his well-known music tracks followed, such as MAMA, Kotera, Sinthikes and others.

He released 4 albums, Super trapper , O Amerikanos LP, Super Trapper 2 and Still Active.

Born in New York, he settled permanently in Greece in 2016 after the separation of his parents, dreaming of escaping everything that drowned him and to taste success, fame, the big life, beautiful girls and expensive cars.

“With music you become immortal," he once said in an interview. "Even artists who have passed away, you listen to them and it is as if they are coming to life again."

"I then said to myself, that it does not make sense to just live, to die and not be remembered by anyone.

"I did not start music for money. I wanted to leave a legacy, a story, a footprint.

"Someone can listen to me and say that Mad Clip was a lad who did something."

He course could not imagine that fate would bring him face to face with death so soon.

Mad Clip started making his musical in 2004, making pieces with English lyrics.

Central to his journey, however, was his acquaintance with rapper Taki Tsan who helped him release his first single entitled "Eimai Trelos" at the age of 27.

From there, the road to success opened wide for him.

He joined record company Capital Music and began to establish himself, gradually, as one of the most sought after domestic trap scene rappers.

Peter Anastasopoulos was renamed Mad Clip, a name derived from the initials of the phrase "Money and Drugs Can't Live in Poverty", and literally drove You Tube crazy with his tracks, sometimes exceeding 100 million views.

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