Athens Flying Week begins on Saturday

Athens Flying Week

The Athens Flying Week kicks off on Saturday at the air force base in Tanagra.

The spectators will be able to watch, among others, the flying abilities of the French Rafale Solo Display, the original Warbird and the Greek Spitfire.

They will also see the flying 'dance' of the Patrouille de France and of the Saudi Hawks, as well as of the Greek F-16 Zeus and the Danish F-16 Solo Display.

The show will start on Saturday at 15:00 with the RC Kavala Acro Team and will conclude at sunset at 19:40 with the Twilight Flying Display by Italian Luca Bertossio.

On Sunday, 5 September, the show will begin at noon and will conclude at 16:00 with the Flying Display of the Saudi Hawks and the Flyby of Aegean.

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