Audi driver involved in deadly street race with Mad Clip presents himself to police


The Audi R8 driver who was involved in a high speed street race with Mad Clip leading to his death, has reportedly presented himself to the police.

According to newsauto, police are currently investigating the cause of the fatal accident with the help of various of sources, including CCTV cameras and testimonies from third parties including police officers who were travelling in the same area.

In the meantime, the driver of the Audi R8 was being questioned by police over the incident while other witnesses have stepped forward to confirm that it was an actual street race  between the two super cars at the traffic lights at  Lake Vouliagmeni and after passing through two other sets of traffic light, Mad Clip lost control his Porsche in front of the church of Faneromeni where he crashed. He was taken to hospital where was later pronounced dead.

According to the newsauto report, residents and regular passers-by in the area, claim that at that time at night (at the BP gas station) flower beds are usually watered and as a result water might have found its way onto the road which could've been a factor in the accident.

Although this could be a factor leading to the accident, experts also report that from their investigation Mad Clip was estimated to be driving at more than 150kmh