3 September, 1858: Greek independence hero Georgios Zalokostas dies

Greek Georgios Zalokostas

Georgios Zalokostas (1805 - September 3, 1858) from the village of Syrrako in Epirus, was a fighter during the 1821 Greek War of Independence and later a poet and writer.

At a young age because of the Turks pursuit of his father, together with his family, At a young age, his family were forced to flee their homeland because the Turks were pursuing his father.

They ended up in Livorno in Italy.

By the time of the outbreak of the Greek Revolution, Zalokostas landed in the Peloponnese and settled at Pyrgos.

He took part in the Third Siege of Messolonghi (1825-26).

Following the Revolution, he married and had nine children, seven of which would tragically die young.

One of his children, Eugenios Zalokostas, became the Foreign Minister of Greece.

He also wrote a series of poems about his life’s experiences, which ranged from patriotic, lyrical and romantic.

A bust of Zalokostas is located in Ioannina.

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