MIRACLE: Witnesses claim to see tears on Archangel Michael icon (VIDEO)

Witnesses visiting yesterday the chapel of  Saint Judas of Thaddeus  in Keratea, Athens have claimed to have seen ‘tears’ under the eyes of an icon of Archangel Michael.

Speaking of a ‘miracle’, the website ekklisiaonline  first reported it but there have been no official statements by the Archdiocese to confirm or deny that a miracle had taken place.

The chapel started operating  15 years ago. In 2015 there was the foundation of the Holy Temple of Saint Judas of Thaddeus right next to the shrine, which still exists.

It is the first and only, until today, Church of Saint Judas of Thaddeus which belongs to the Holy Diocese of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki.

The Church of Saint Jude of Thaddeus celebrates every June 18 to 19 and August 20 to 21.