The number 1 fight is on! Bobby 'The Spartan Warrior' Antonakos vs Anthony 'The Man' Mundine

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The number 1 fight is on!  Bobby 'The Spartan Warrior' Antonakos takes on Anthony 'The Man' Mundine at the long anticipated 'Territory Footy Fight Night'.

Some call him Bobby, Haralambos and Mbambi, but he’s best known as “The Spartan Warrior”.

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The Spartan Warrior entering the ring


‘Competitive’ is one of the first words that comes to mind when you think of Bobby Antonakos.  Competitiveness is engrained in his DNA.  Other words that spring to mind are, gentleman, earnest, hard-working, committed, driven, sincere and honest.

Ever since Bobby played soccer in the Super League as an attacking midfielder, Bobby showed all the traits one needed to become a successful athlete and avid member of the community.  Passion, skill, commitment, discipline and strength - all things Bobby possesses in droves.

Born in Sydney, Australia, of Greek descent, with his father from Sparta and his mother from Kalymnos, Bobby wanted to try his hand at boxing but initially didn’t have the support of his parents, as they were worried about the safety of the sport.  But Bobby never gave up on his dream to become a professional boxer, albeit quite late in his life, as far as boxing goes.  Bobby was 25 years of age when he debuted in the boxing world with his first exhibition fight in the early 2000s.

After his first win, plans were being made for Bobby’s career progression under the watchful eye of then trainer at Woolloomooloo PCYC, Paul Isgro.


Bobby was raised in Redfern, in a housing commission estate, and was leaving home one night when he was set upon by a group of people trying to steal his wallet and phone.  This random attack left Bobby hospitalised with a broken and dislocated jaw.  Neighbours intervened and helped Bobby, sending the thieves running empty handed.

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Bobby 'The Spartan Warrior' Antonakos in action

After facial reconstructive surgery and a recovery period of 6 months, Bobby was told he will never be able to box again.  Bobby remained undeterred from this news and returned to boxing with his next exhibition fight just one year later, winning for a second time.


Bobby entered the boxing scene just as one of his main inspirations, Anthony Mundine made the switch from his professional NRL career to boxing.  Bobby also having made the switch to boxing from soccer, intently followed Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine’s boxing career, and has now landed an opportunity to share the ring as the main event at the long-anticipated Territory Footy Fight Night on 4 December 2021, in Darwin.  “I feel humbled and very fortunate to have been given this opportunity”, said Bobby, “And even though we are both at the twilight of our careers, we’re passionate athletes, huge advocators of the sport of boxing in Australia, and neither of us will die wondering.”

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Evasive, light-footed and fast. Bobby 'The Spartan Warrior' Antonakos in the ring


Bobby’s Orthodox stance and evasive fighting style, believing in hitting on not being hit, along with his hand speed, footwork and strength, is what has enabled Bobby’s illustrious boxing career to progress. The drive to push himself just that little bit further, has fuelled his competitive spirit, which drives Bobby to become the best he can be in his respective sport which he calls, “The loneliest sport in the world.”

“There’s only so much your coach and trainers can do for you. The rest is up to you as an individual.  You need to dig deep to find the discipline and the drive to get up early every morning to train, to eat well and take care of your mind and your body.” Said Bobby.

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"It's the loneliest sport in the world." Bobby 'The Spartan Warrior' Antonakos

Bobby’s first goal was to become a State champion, which he achieved.  After 6 amateur fights, Bobby turned professional, becoming a two-time Welterweight NSW Champion.  He also contested for the Australian title against Soloman Egberime, a seasoned Nigerian Olympic fighter with over 300 amateur fights under his belt.  More recently in 2019, Bobby contested for the WBF Australasian title against Adam Stowe.

IMG 20210902 WA0026
Two-time Welterweight NSW Champion

His chance to share the ring with Anthony Mundine will put him in good stead to compete for a shot at the Regional title.


Bobby spends most of his time as a Personal Trainer / Boxing Coach these days, dedicating himself to caring for and helping others achieve their personal fitness goals.  When asked if there was anyone that Bobby is currently training who we should keep an eye on in the future, he mentioned a fellow Greek Australian 18-year-old named Kosta Ioannou.  “He is a prodigy in the making.  I see the same hunger, burning desire, dedication, discipline, speed, footwork and commitment to succeed in him as I see in myself. He is a great kid with big dreams, and I will do whatever it takes to help him achieve them.” Said Bobby.


It will be the first time both Bobby ‘The Spartan Warrior’ Antonakos and Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine will fight in front of the huge Kalymnian and Aboriginal People contingent in Darwin. A main event that has been in the making for a long time.  “We both can’t wait to put on a show for our respective communities up there.” Said Bobby.

Both Antonakos and Mundine share a mutual respect.  A text to Bobby from Anthony reads:

“Promoter gonna call you or your team about fighting me in March at Middleweight! I have a few options but would rather give you the opportunity my man as I know & respect you! Nothing but love! The Man v The Spartan! Hope you’re well bra!


The Spartan Warrior VS The Man
Territory Footy Fight Night, 4 December 2021


Due to Covid and obvious reasons around that, the fight has now been pushed out to 4 December, 2021 at the Darwin Showgrounds in an event titled ‘Territory Footy Fight Night’.  A stacked undercard from the NRL and AFL will see Justin Hodges come up against Ben Hannant, Scott Belshaw vs Faiga Opelu, John Hopoate, Nathan Lovett Murray, Ben Barba, Tom Leroy Lars and many more, all strapping on their gloves to raise much needed funds for Children’s Ground, a charity led by first nations communities in Australia.

From infants to elders, Children’s Ground works with entire communities over a 25-year period to make real and lasting change.  Disrupting the status quo, where children live with injustice and disadvantage, Children’s Ground celebrates culture, recognises talent, inspires hope, delivers excellence and creates opportunity to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Children’s Ground is an evidenced-based approach, designed with First Nations leaders to achieve radical reform.

The organisers and promoters of Territory Footy Fight Night are currently in talks with some of the main television broadcasters to air this event live across Australia.

To book tables or seats, please visit for your chance to watch two huge names come together, The Spartan Warrior VS The Man!


If you would like to become a personal major sponsor of Bobby’s please note the following:

GOLD SPONSOR – $10K. Entitles your business logo on the back of Bobby’s shorts, front of T-shirt, back side of hat, plus you will be given license / permission to supply your own hanging banner at 1200mm high x 2800mm wide to be hung from the mezzanine level in the venue. Please supply with eyelets up top.

SILVER SPONSOR – $5K.  Entitles your business logo front left leg of shorts (the leading leg), back of T-shirt (large) and left side of hat.

BRONZE SPONSOR – $2.5K.  Entitles your business logo right side shorts, back of T-shirt (small) and right side of hat.

All sponsors will be mentioned in order across all of Bobby’s social media and marketing platforms.

Simply send a PM to Bobby directly via Instagram @bobbyspartan to find out more.

Be sure to follow @territoryfootyfightnight on Facebook and Instagram.

We wish Bobby all the best and thank him for his Greek spirit and tenacity.  Make us proud, Spartan!

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