Italian nurse faked injecting vaccine into her anti-vaxxer relatives so they secure Green Pass


An Italian nurse, who worked in the city of Treviso, has resigned, following reports that she pretended to vaccinate friends and relatives who were anti-vaxxers.

According to the newspaper La Stampa, the nurse faked each vaccination and threw away each real dose,  and will now go through disciplinary action whilst she is also the subject of a prosecutorial investigation.

As it leaked, witnesses noticed that this particular nurse always chose the most isolated location of the vaccination centre, so that her colleagues could not see up close what she was doing.

It is estimated, that there were more than 20 people were 'fake' vaccinated and managed to secure a "green vaccinated pass".

The allegedly dangerous nurse had never spoken out against the vaccines and she herself had, without any problems, been vaccinated against Covid-19.

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