Fake negative covid certificates issued with Santorini hospital logo


Fake negative covid-test certificates were reportedly discovered by a doctor on the island of Santorini according to  DocumentoNews.


The forged Covid-Negative test certificate Image: documentonews.gr


The news comes following a similar scandal at the Palama Health Center of Karditsa where 'virtual' vaccinations of dozens of citizens had taken place with the matter now in the hands of the Justice system.

According to doumentonews.gr, a doctor found a covid-negative test certificate bearing the logo of Santorini Hospital but upon closer inspection noticed that the necessary unique patient number was missing and that it was issued at 1:00 am from a non-hospital email address.


santorini 2
The doctor's letter to the hospital administration Image: documentonews.gr

The doctor brought the matter to the attention of the Santorini hospital administration claiming to have identified the issuance of negative test certificates of people who have not been registered in the hospital system nor have the samples in question been processed in the microbiology department.

The matter is currently under investigation.